A Village Market – Essay Writing in Bangladesh


A Village Market – Essay Writing in Bangladesh. In this article, you have to see how to write an essay very easily with meaningful. Most of the essay should be more than 300 words. Otherwise, it will be considered for poor writing. A Village Market essay will help the School and College level students.

A Village Market – Essay Writing in Bangladesh


The fixed place, beside a river or big banyan tree, where buying and selling transactions of the villagers generally go on is colled a village market.


There are two kinds of village markets. There are two kinds of village markets. One is a daily market which is held in the forenoon and the other is a periodic market which is held once or twice a week in the afternoon.


A village market is divided broadly into three parts. They are open spaces, temporary. Sheds and permanent sheds. Shops of some kind sit together in the open space. Here milk, fruit, betels, vegetables, fresh and fish, etc. are sold. In the temporary sheds there sit the process. Permanent sheds consist of shops or stall also arranged in rows. Here rice, flour, gur, ghee, spices, cloth, and other useful things are sold. As well as In the permanent sheds clothes, wheat, pulse, flour, sugar, fried rice, guar, ghee, stationery commodities, medicine, etc. are kept ready for sale.

A Village Market - Essay Writing in Bangladesh


Most villagers are very poor so they can not meet their daily needs from here. They also get letters, money orders, parcels on a hut day. People get news and exchange their views. It is also a meeting place for the villagers.


A village market is the backbone of the rural economy. So we look into proper management. A village market is the main center of the economic activity of the villagers. Thus it bears a vital importance in the life of the villagers. Moreover, the Government and the local authorities should try to improve it.

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