About Us

I am Lokesh Kumar Nama, 21 yrs old. A Passionate Blogger to help people grow their business online, make money online, save their time, and help more people too! Do you ever think about what the new side blogging (or even a new full-time blogger) could do for you? That’s what I’m here to share my story and help you achieve.

My Journey is started, when I completed my 12th class. But my dream is to make my life without a boss. I don’t like working under someone.

We believe that blogging in the English language is still in its inception, it has infinite possibilities for development. It is necessary that some English bloggers are active on the Internet since the early days of blogger.com, but their field of work has been mostly poetry writing, story-story, Hindi literature etc. There is still a shortage of blog writers in Hindi in other areas such as technology, cinema, general knowledge, sports, food, etc.

After the Blogger service, WordPress has made blogging very easy, now even if you do not know software programming, then you can easily create a blog. BeeVarsh.com is determined to get you all this information in simplified language.

After the year 2015, the activities in the field of Hindi blogging have increased a bit, as a result of which many good Hindi blogs on various topics have come on the internet.

We have full faith that we will live up to the expectations of Hindi-speaking readers and will continue to present new interesting articles at your service.

In order to improve your experience while reading articles, intrusive posters and banners are given in a reasonable quantity. Our basic aim is to get you good and uninterrupted study material.


Lokesh Kumar Nama