Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2020 | 8th Pay Scale Salary list


Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2020 Updates. 8th National Pay Scale 2015. New pay scale updates. Here you have to know all the salary of Bangladesh. According to the Grade how much Taka salary? 1st Class officer salary, 2nd class officer salary. Bangladesh Government has increased the govt employee salary from 2015 July, 1st. You will see 1st grade to 20th grade salary list. How much Taka will pay salary in which grade?

Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2020 | Download as service list

The eighth Pay and Services Commission on May 13 submitted its recommendation for public servants with a minimum basic salary of Tk 8,250 and a maximum of Tk 75,000. Those in Grades 20 to 6 will get increment at the rate of 5 percent. For Grade 5, the rate will be 4.5 percent while for Grades 3 and 4 it will be 4 percent, and for Grade 2 it will be 3.75 percent of the basic as per Bangladesh National Pay Scale.

December 31 last year, the eighth pay commission, led by Mohammed Farashuddin, filed its report suggesting doubling the basic pay for civil servants with minimum pay of 8,200 and a maximum of 80,000. People may search for govt job circular as salary structure.

Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2019 | 8th Pay Scale Salary list

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8th Pay Scale list updates

National Pay Scale  Grade Basic Salary in BDT
20th Grade (Up to Class 8) 8,250
19th Grade (up to class 8) 8,500
18th Grade (SSC/HSC or Equivalent) 8,800
17th Grade 9,000
16th grade (Office Assistant) 9,300
15th Grade (Primary Asst Teacher) 9,700
14th Grade 10,200
13th Grade 11,000
12th Grade (Primary Head Teacher) 11,300
11th Grade 12,000
10th Grade (Non-Cadre officer) 16,000
9th Grade (BCS Officer) 22,000
8th Grade 23,000
7th Grade 29,000
6th  Grade 35,500
5th  Grade 43,000
4th  Grade 50,000
3rd  Grade (Member of Parliament) 56,000
2nd  Grade 66,000
1st  Grade (Secretary/ Major General) 78,000
Senior Secretary, Lt General 82,000
General, Admiral, Marshal, Cabinet Secretary 86,000
State Minister 92,000
Leader of opposition 105,000
Minster 105,000
Chief Justice 1,10,000
Speaker of Parliament 1,12,000
Prime Minister 1,15,000
President 1,20,000

In the 7th Pay Scale, secretaries among the civil servants, Major Generals among the military officers, and selection-grade professors of public universities were in the highest grade. Bangladesh National Pay Scale Grade 1. Senior professors were in Grade 2 and professors in Grade 3.

According to the Bangladesh Pay Scale 2015, University Teacher salary grade, BCS cadre officer salary grade, Non cadre officer salary scale. BD pay scale 3rd class employee salary, 4th class employ salary scale.


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