Coronavirus : Bangladesh deploys Army to enforce social distancing

The members of the Bangladesh Army will help the local administrations as per their requirement


The Bangladesh army is deploying tomorrow (March 24) to maintain social distance. The army will be deployed to assist civil administration for social distance and precautionary measures in departmental and district cities.

Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam on Monday made such a decision at an emergency press conference at the secretariat. He said all government offices have been declared as public holiday till April 4 due to the corona virus infection.

Public-private offices will be closed during normal holidays.

Meanwhile, March 26 is a general holiday and March 27-28 are weekly holidays. March 29 to April 2 will be public holidays. Besides, April 3-4 are also weekly holidays. So, the government offices will remain closed from March 26 to April 4.

Coronavirus : Bangladesh deploys Army to enforce social distancing

Only kitchen markets, hospitals and other emergency services will remain open during this time.

Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam told the press conference that, along with the district magistrates, they (army members) will review the medical system of patients suffering from district and departmental corona virus, quarantine of suspected persons. The review of whether anyone in the army, especially those returning overseas, is making mistakes / neglect to perform the mandatory quarantine duty. District magistrates will request the local army commander to review the status of the army by law, according to the law.

Ahmed Kayakus, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister’s Office was present at the press conference. At a press conference, the Cabinet Secretary and Principal Secretary said that they had a separate meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed earlier. According to the Prime Minister’s directive, measures are being taken.

Those decisions include restricting the movement of mass transit, banning all social, political and religious gatherings.

The Cabinet Secretary said that if a low-income person is unable to live in the city due to the Corona virus, the government will provide him necessary assistance in his home village or home under the program. District administrators will take action in this regard.

Earlier, all school colleges were declared closed till March 31 due to the corona virus. Higher Secondary and equivalent examinations have been suspended. HSC Exam is expected to begin on April 1st.


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