High Court order to destroy expired drugs


The High Court has ordered to remove of expired drugs sold in Dhaka pharmacy in a month. At the same time, the court ordered to take legal action against those who have storage expired drugs and those who stop buying and selling of expired drugs.

The bench of High Court Justice FRM Nazmul Ahsan and Justice KM Kamruel Kader gave this order after hearing a writ plea on Tuesday.

Before this, on Monday, on the same day, 93 percent of pharmacy in Dhaka demanded that the expired medicine be sold. With the consent of the Secretaries, the notice was given to the Health Ministry.

According to the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, Manzoor Mohammad Shahiar, about 93 percent of the medicines are consuming medicines in a program on World Food Food Day on June 10.

He said that due to different types of consumer law, the penalty has been imposed and temporarily closed on various organizations after the expiry of the drugs expired. He said that various organizations have been penalized and have been stopped from time to time to keep expired drugs. To prevent this fraud, the monitoring team has been formed from the department all over the country. The pharmacy activities are being monitored through buyers, and sometimes Mobile Court operations.

Executive Director Mahfuzur Rahman on behalf of the Justice Watch Foundation challenged the government’s inaction on this matter. Today it increases for the hearing.

Advocate ATM Altaf Hussain argued for writ petition. Deputy Attorney General ABM Abdullah Al Mahmood Bashar and Assistant Attorney General M Saiful Alam were present in the state.

Later, Mahfuzur Rahman of Justice Watch Foundation said that why government’s inability to prevent the sale and marketing of expired drugs will not be illegal, it has been asked in the rule. Director General of Directorate of Drug Administration, Director General of Directorate of Drug Administration and Respondent, Director General of Consumer Protection Directorate has been asked to respond to the rule within 4 weeks. In addition, Directorate General of Consumer Rights Protection has been instructed to submit the expired drug report to 93% of the pharmacy. The court has placed the court on July 16 for the next order.

Deputy Attorney General Abdullah al-Bashar said, the High Court has ordered the prevention of expired drugs in the country, to withdraw it and to destroy it from the market. Within a month after the progress of the implementation of the guidelines, the court has been ordered to report.


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