Indians Search Marry Kashmiri Girl on Google


After the cancellation of the special status of autonomy to Kashmir, Indian men have started looking for a different subject. The search engine Google is searching for more Kashmiri women. Posting about Kashmiri women through social media too.

Indian media is saying that in the internet world, Indian are desperate to find and marry Kashmiris girl. It is as if the men of each state have hunted for Kashmiri lalana.

News7 reports that Google is on the list of keywords searching for Indians – “Mary Kashmiri Girl”, “Kashmiri Girl Pic”, “Get Kashmiri Girl”.

Indians Search Marry Kashmiri Girl on Google

The state of Kerala is at the forefront. In the last three days, most people have searched Google by typing ‘Mary Kashmiri girl’. Karnataka is at number two. Delhi, Maharashtra and Telangana are ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively. The sixth place is from West Bengal.

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Another Indian media in the Times of India reported that on August 7, the keywords that Indians were looking for the most to use Google were – ‘Kashmiri girl’, ‘Mary Kashmiri girl’. Also, the issue of land acquisition in Kashmir is being investigated. In this case more searches have been done from the state of Haryana, India.
Indians Search Marry Kashmiri Girl on Google

Before the abolition of Article 5, men from other states of India could not marry Kashmiri women, the question has now been raised. Indian law says, of course you could. Special status Girls of Jammu and Kashmir are not legally bound when they marry outside their state. However, after marriage, he was deprived of his father’s property rights. But with the abolition of this section, Indian men will henceforth inherit property with Kashmiri girls.

Kashmir is called the crust of the earth. The Tulip flower garden is the most famous here. Apart from this, apples and grapes of Kashmir are popular all over India.


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