Kona Gets Marry Quietly | Wedding Picture album


Bangladeshi Musician Dilshad Nahar Kona recently gets marry to her 7 years old boyfriend Golam Md Iftekhar. The news was not discover until a journalist asked her over phone. She promised to arrange celebration party in due time. Get Kona and her husband picture. Here is update Kona’s interview by the Prothom Alo reporter.

Musician Kona was also congratulated on his cellphone. His comeback question is, ‘Congratulations why, brother’? The reporter said, “Welcome to the new way of life. When did you marry? She was surprised to hear the counter question. Then the news that came out was the latest news. Musician Dilshad Nahar Kona has completed the wedding. Groom businessman Golam Md Iftekhar. In friendship, he is known as Gahin.

Kona quietly got married by asking for two families. The formality of the wedding is not yet arranged. The singer officially acknowledge to “Prothom Alo” on Wednesday, three months before the wedding was completed. Kana said, “The family was married on 21 April in a very homely environment. The wedding was organized in Dhaka with two family members. Later, a large number of ceremonies will be performed during the post-wedding reception.”

Kona Gets Marry Quietly | Wedding Picture album

The people on the bride’s side said. Iftekhar grew up and studied in Dhaka. He is a businessman by profession. Why did the marriage happen quietly? On this question, Kana said, ‘The work is done as a family. Be very public about the matter, neither of the two families wanted too. But fans are interested in the star’s life. I felt that she was a little late, but I decided to report it.

A long seven years affairs of Ghin and Kona. At times, there was speculation about the relationship between the two, but neither of them said anything. However, in an interview given at Prothom Alo, she stated that she was getting married in the country. Although she once said in 2016, they were getting married that year. They have also made preparations. However, it was completed in 2019 years.

Many friends had a question, when are you getting married? This has been repeatedly avoided. Now Kona will never have to face such questions about marriage.


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