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2022 Cricket World Cup Qualifier

The 2022 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier is an upcoming cricket tournament scheduled to take place in 2022, to decide the final qualification for the 2023 World Cup.[1][2] The host of the tournament is yet to be confirmed.[3]

It will feature the bottom five teams from the 2020–22 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League (or, if World Cup hosts India finish outside the top eight, the bottom five teams excluding India) along with an additional five Associate sides. Two sides will qualify from this tournament to complete the ten-team World Cup field.[4][5]

In addition, the World Cup Qualifier will determine who takes the 13th spot in the CWC Super League in the next qualification cycle. With the top 12 teams in the 2020–22 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League automatically qualifying, the 13th spot will be taken by one of either the 13th ranked team in 2020–22 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League or the champions of the 2019–22 ICC Cricket World Cup League 2. Whichever of these teams is ranked higher in the Cricket World Cup Qualifier will take the 13th spot in the next CWC Super League, while the team ranked lower will play in the next Cricket World Cup League 2.[5][6]

In September 2018, the International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed that all matches in the qualifier tournament will have One Day International ODI status, regardless if a team does not have ODI status prior to the start of the event.[7][8]

Teams and qualification

A diagram that explains the qualification structure for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup
Means of qualification[9]DateVenueBerthsQualified
Super League (Bottom 5)31 March 2022Various5


League 2 (Top 3)January 2022Various3


Play–Off (Top 2)2022Various2



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28 September 2019