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ESPN (Latin America)

ESPN Latin America logo from 1989 to 2002 and from 2006 to 2013. It is still used in the northern feeds of ESPN spin-off channels.

ESPN is a Latin American pay-TV network that broadcasts sports-related programming for the Latin American region in Spanish. It was launched on 31 March 1989. Its programming is adapted to the likes of viewers, who tend to prefer football and Hispanic baseball players to the more locally produced programs.

ESPN Latin America, unlike its U.S. sister channels, has more programs related to football, such as live games from Spain's La Liga.

The Disney/Hearst Corporation joint venture has also added some secondary regional channels for the Latin American region in the last few years, like ESPN 2, ESPN 3 and ESPN +.

In 2011 ESPN launched a new channel, named ESPN 3, which is divided in four segments: Live (broadcasts live coverage of sport events), Compact (resumed sport events), ESPN 3.0 (extreme sports) and ESPN Series (featuring "30 For 30").


Sport events

List of events that can be viewed on ESPN Latin America Networks:


Multi-sport events





  • ESPN Knockout

College Sports




Extreme Sports

Field Hockey


Gridiron football

Horse racing


Motor Sports



Water Sports




Northern feed

Southern feed

  • Argentina Miguel Simón
  • Argentina Jorge Barril
  • Argentina Facundo Quiroga
  • Argentina Germán Sosa
  • Argentina Hernán de Lorenzi
  • Argentina Quique Wolff
  • Argentina Alejandro Coccia
  • Argentina Pablo Ferreira
  • Argentina Javier Frana
  • Argentina Juan Ignacio "Juani" Guillem
  • Argentina Pablo Stecco
  • Argentina Mercedes "Mechi" Margalot
  • Argentina Marcelo Espina
  • Argentina Juan Pablo Alessandrini
  • Argentina Diego Monroig
  • Argentina Facundo Quiroga
  • Argentina Manuel Contemponi
  • Argentina Fabián Taboada
  • Argentina Agostina Larocca
  • Argentina Ignacio Meroni
  • Argentina Alfredo Conrad
  • Argentina Esteban Lasala
  • Argentina Tomás de Vedia
  • Argentina Carolina Losada
  • Argentina Carlos Irusta
  • Argentina Guillermo Poggi
  • Argentina Javier Gil Navarro
  • Argentina Marcelo López
  • Argentina Mario Sabato
  • Argentina Martín Garrahan
  • Argentina Juan Marconi
  • Argentina Miguel Granados
  • Argentina Juan Szafrán
  • Argentina Esteban Lasala
  • Argentina Tony Pena
  • Argentina Alejandro Klappenbach
  • Argentina Gustavo Morea
  • Argentina Gustavo Sgalla
  • Argentina Juan Ignacio "Juani" Chela
  • Argentina Nati Jota
  • Argentina Nicolás Hueto
  • Argentina Andrea Schettino
  • Argentina Alejandro Ruzal
  • Argentina Norberto Laterza
  • Argentina Natalia Botti
  • Argentina Victor Pochat
  • Argentina Martín Urruty
  • Argentina Fernando Carlos
  • Argentina Mariano Ryan
  • Argentina Martín Altberg
  • Argentina Matías Sánchez
  • Argentina Marcelo Durán
  • Argentina Diego Albanese
  • Argentina Eduardo Simone
  • Argentina Leonardo Montero
  • Argentina Daniel Tílger
  • Colombia Andrés Lacouture
  • Colombia Andrés Marocco
  • Colombia Fabián Vargas
  • Colombia Faustino Asprilla
  • Colombia Gerardo Bedoya
  • Colombia Germán Arango
  • Colombia Guillermo Arango
  • Colombia Jorge Bermudez
  • Colombia Luis Fernando Domínguez
  • Colombia Santiago Escobar
  • Colombia Sigfredo Gómez
  • Colombia Tito Puccetti
  • Italy Vito De Palma
  • Uruguay Diego Muñoz

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