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List of assets owned by Bell Media

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This is a list of assets currently owned by Bell Media, a subsidiary of BCE Inc.

Note that this list does not include BCE's 28% interest in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which itself owns a majority interest in the digital specialty channels Leafs Nation Network, NBA TV Canada, and GolTV Canada. This interest is held by BCE through a different subsidiary, not through Bell Media.

This list also does not enumerate the various telecommunications or retail assets owned by BCE. For further information on those properties, refer to the article on Bell Canada.

CTV Inc.

CTV Inc., the wholly owned television broadcasting division of Bell Media.

CTV Inc. owns and operates the following stations, specialty channels, & pay-per-view & video-on-demand services:

Conventional television



Specialty channels

Category A

Category B

Category C

Pay per view

Video on demand

CTV Specialty Television

CTV Specialty Television Inc. is jointly owned by Bell Media and ESPN Inc., with 80% and 20% voting interests respectively, and approximately 70% and 30% equity interests respectively. ESPN itself is 80% owned by The Walt Disney Company and 20% owned by Hearst Corporation.

Any percentages below refer to the portion of each channel owned by CTV Specialty, with the balance in each case being owned by additional partners such as Discovery Inc.

Category A
Category B
Category C
Other assets
  • Dome Productions (production facilities) (via CTV Specialty Television Inc., which owns 50% total)
  • Exploration Production Inc. and Exploration Distribution Inc. (Discovery Channel Canada's in-house production and distribution companies; 56.06% owned by Bell Media)


iHeartRadio Canada

iHeartRadio Canada (formerly Bell Media Radio), the wholly owned radio broadcasting division of Bell Media. Through iHeartRadio Canada, Bell Media also owns iHeartRadio Canada Sales and operates a localized version of the iHeartRadio online radio platform owned by iHeartMedia.[1]

Bell Media Radio owns and operates the following stations:

CityCall SignFrequencyBranding/Format
AmquiCFVMFM 99.9"99,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
BathurstCKBCFM 104.9"MAX 104.9" adult contemporary (French/English)
BrandonCKXFM 96.1"96.1 BOB FM" adult hits
CKXAFM 101.1"101.1 The Farm" country music
BrockvilleCJPTFM 103.7"Bob FM" adult hits
CFJRFM 104.9"JR FM" adult contemporary
CalgaryCKMXAM 1060"Funny 1060" comedy
CIBKFM 98.5"98.5 Virgin Radio" Top 40
CJAYFM 92.1"CJAY 92" mainstream rock
Dawson CreekCJDCAM 890"Pure Country 890" country music
DrummondvilleCHRDFM 105.3"105,3 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CJDMFM 92.1"Énergie Drummondville 92.1" contemporary hit radio
EdmontonCFRNAM 1260"TSN 1260" sports radio
CFBRFM 100.3"100.3 The Bear" active rock
CFMGFM 104.9"104.9 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
Fort NelsonCKRXFM 102.3"102.3 The Bear" active rock
Fort St. JohnCHRXFM 98.5"Sun FM" hot adult contemporary
CKNLFM 101.5"101.5 The Bear" mainstream rock
FrederictonCKHJAM 1260"Pure Country 103.5" country music
CFXYFM 105.3"105.3 The Fox" Active rock
CIBXFM 106.9"106.9 Capital FM" contemporary hit radio
GatineauCIMFFM 94.9"94,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CKTFFM 104.1"Énergie Gatineau-Ottawa 104,1" contemporary hit radio
GoldenCKGRFM 106.3"106.3 EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Grand FallsCIKXFM 93.5"K93" hot adult contemporary
HalifaxCJCHFM 101.3"101.3 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
CIOOFM 100.1"C100" hot adult contemporary
HamiltonCKOCAM 1150"TSN 1150" sports radio
CHAMAM 820"Funny 820" comedy
CKLHFM 102.9"102.9 K-Lite FM" adult contemporary
Kawartha LakesCKLYFM 91.9"91.9 Bob FM" adult hits
KelownaCKFRAM 1150"AM 1150 News, Talk, Sports" news/talk
CHSUFM 99.9"99.9 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
CILKFM 101.5"101.5 EZ Rock" adult contemporary
KingstonCFLYFM 98.3"FLY-FM" hot adult contemporary
CKLCFM 98.9"98.9 The Drive" modern rock
KitimatCKTKFM 97.7"EZ Rock" hot adult contemporary
LondonCJBKAM 1290"NewsTalk 1290 CJBK" "news/talk/sports"
CIQMFM 97.5"97.5 Virgin Radio" contemporary Hit Radio
CJBXFM 92.7"Pure Country 93" country music
MagogCIMOFM 106.1"Énergie Estrie 106.1" contemporary hit radio
MidlandCICZFM 104.1"104.1 The Dock" classic rock
MontrealCKGMAM 690"TSN 690" sports radio
CJADAM 800"CJAD 800" news/talk
CHOMFM 97.7"CHOM 977" mainstream rock
CJFMFM 95.9"95.9 Virgin Radio" hot adult contemporary
CKMFFM 94.3"Énergie Montréal 94,3" contemporary hit radio
CITEFM 107.3"107,3 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
NelsonCKKCFM 106.9"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
OrilliaCICXFM 105.9"KICX 106" country music
OsoyoosCJORAM 1240"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
OttawaCFRAAM 580"580 CFRA" news/talk
CFGOAM 1200"TSN 1200" sports
CKKLFM 93.9"Pure Country 94" country music
CJMJFM 100.3"Majic 100.3" adult contemporary
Owen SoundCJOSFM 92.3"92.3 The Dock" classic hits
PembrokeCHVRFM 96.7"Star 96.7" country music
PentictonCKORAM 800"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
CJMGFM 97.1"97.1 Sun FM" contemporary hit radio
PeterboroughCKPTFM 99.7"Energy 99.7" hot adult contemporary
CKQMFM 105.1"Pure Country 105" country music
Prince RupertCHTKFM 99.1"EZ Rock" hot adult contemporary
Quebec CityCHIKFM 98.9"Énergie Québec 98,9" contemporary hit radio
CITFFM 107.5"107,5 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
ReginaCHBDFM 92.7"Pure Country 92.7" country music
RevelstokeCKCRFM 106.1"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
RimouskiCIKIFM 98.7"Énergie Est du Québec 98,7" contemporary hit radio
CJOIFM 102.9"102,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
Rouyn-NorandaCJMMFM 99.1"Énergie Rouyn-Noranda 99,1" contemporary hit radio
SaguenayCFIXFM 96.9"96,9 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CJABFM 94.5"Énergie Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean 94,5" contemporary hit radio
Saint-HyacintheCFEIFM 106.5"106,5 Boom FM" oldies
Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuCFZZFM 104.1"104,1 Boom FM" oldies
Salmon ArmCKXRFM 91.5"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
SherbrookeCITE-1FM 102.7"102,7 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
St. CatharinesCKTBAM 610"Newstalk 610 CKTB" news/talk
CHREFM 105.7"105.7 EZ Rock" adult contemporary
CHTZFM 97.7"CHTZ - 97.7 HTZ-FM" active rock
SudburyCICSFM 91.7"KICX 91.7" country music
SummerlandCHORFM 98.5"EZ Rock" soft adult contemporary
TerraceCFTKAM 590"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
CJFWFM 103.1"CJFW-FM" country music
TorontoCFRBAM 1010"Newstalk 1010" news/talk
CHUMAM 1050"TSN 1050" sports radio
CHUMFM 104.5"104.5 CHUM-FM" hot adult contemporary
CKFMFM 99.9"99.9 Virgin Radio" Top 40
TrailCJATFM 95.7"EZ Rock" adult contemporary
Trois-RivièresCHEYFM 94.7"94,7 Rouge FM" adult contemporary
CIGBFM 102.3"Énergie Mauricie 102,3" contemporary hit radio
TruroCKTOFM 100.9"Big Dog 100.9" Hot adult contemporary
CKTYFM 99.5"Pure Country 99.5" country music
Val-d'OrCJMVFM 102.7"Énergie Val-d'Or 102.7" contemporary hit radio
VancouverCKSTAM 1040"TSN 1040" sports
CFTEAM 1410"BNN Bloomberg Radio 1410" news/talk
CFBTFM 94.5"94.5 Virgin Radio" Top 40
CHQMFM 103.5"103.5 QM/FM" adult contemporary
VernonCICFFM 105.7"105.7 Sun FM" adult contemporary
VictoriaCFAXAM 1070"CFAX 1070" news/talk
CHBEFM 107.3"107.3 Virgin Radio" hot adult contemporary
WaterlooCKKWFM 99.5"KFUN 99.5" oldies/classic hits
CFCAFM 105.3"105.3 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
WindsorCKWWAM 580"580 Memories" oldies
CKLWAM 800news/talk
CIDRFM 93.9"939 The River" adult album alternative
CIMXFM 88.7"89X" alternative rock
WinnipegCFRWAM 1290"TSN 1290" sports radio
CFWMFM 99.9"Bob FM" adult hits
CKMMFM 103.1"103.1 Virgin Radio" contemporary hit radio
WoodstockCJCJFM 104.1"CJ-104 FM" hot adult contemporary

On February 14, 2018, the CRTC approved an Bell Media Inc. (Bell Media's) application to acquire from Larche Communications Inc. the assets of the four English-language commercial radio stations CICZ-FM Midland, CICX-FM Orillia, CJOS-FM Owen Sound and CICS-FM Sudbury, Ontario.[2]

Other assets

  • Agincourt Productions Inc. (Bell Media's in-house production company)
  • Autohound (unknown equity interest)
  • CTV Music (music publishing)
  • (French-language version of
  • Megawheels Technologies Inc. (4%)
  • Astral Out-of-Home
  • Bell Media Original Production (division used to produce original programming for Bell Media-owned networks)

Dormant or Shuttered businesses

The following companies are divisions of Bell Media that are no longer active or been absorbed into another part of the company

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