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A bowler delivers the ball to a batsman during a game of cricket.
Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 20-metre (22-yard) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps. The batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with the bat, while the bowling and fielding side tries to prevent this and dismiss each player (so they are "out"). Means of dismissal include being bowled, when the ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails, and by the fielding side catching the ball after it is hit by the bat, but before it hits the ground. When ten players have been dismissed, the innings ends and the teams swap roles. The game is adjudicated by two umpires, aided by a third umpire and match referee in international matches. They communicate with two off-field scorers who record the match's statistical information.

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Bert Oldfield is hit in the head by a Bodyline ball.

Bodyline, also known as fast leg theory bowling, was a cricketing tactic devised by the English cricket team for their 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia, specifically to combat the extraordinary batting skill of Australia's Don Bradman. A bodyline delivery was one where the cricket ball was bowled at the body of the batsman, in the hope that when he defended himself with his bat, a resulting deflection could be caught by one of several fielders standing close by.

Critics considered the tactic intimidating and physically threatening, to the point of being unfair in a game that was supposed to uphold gentlemanly traditions. England's use of a tactic perceived by some as overly aggressive or even unfair ultimately threatened diplomatic relations between the two countries before the situation was calmed.

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A triple century (an individual score of 300 or more) in Test cricket has been scored on 31 occasions by 27 different batsmen from eight of the twelve Test-cricket playing nations. No player from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ireland or Zimbabwe has scored 300. The frequency of a batsman scoring a Test triple century is slightly lower than that of a bowler taking a Test hat-trick (31 triple centuries versus 43 hat-tricks as of July 2017). Read more...

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Cricket fielding positions2.svg

Names of the various fielding positions in cricket.
Image credit: Miljoshi

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  • 1948 - Donald Bradman's Testimonial match at Melbourne ends with the scores level between invitation sides led by Bradman and by Lindsay Hassett. Under the then rules, the match is declared a tie. Bradman himself made his final, 117th, first-class century in the first innings.

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ICC Rankings

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the international governing body of cricket, and produces team rankings for the various forms of cricket played internationally.

Test cricket is the longest form of cricket, played up to a maximum of five days with two innings per side.

One Day International cricket is played over 50 overs, with one innings per side.

Twenty20 International cricket is played over 20 overs, with one innings per side.....

ICC Test Championship
1 India425,046120
2 New Zealand293,241112
3 South Africa313,177102
4 England454,593102
5 Australia363,672102
6 Sri Lanka403,79595
7 West Indies332,67581
8 Pakistan302,41080
9 Bangladesh261,56660
10 Afghanistan419549
11 Zimbabwe914016
12 Ireland300
Reference: Cricinfo rankings page, ICC Rankings, 3 December 2019
"Matches" is no. matches + no. series played in the 12–24 months since the May before last, plus half the number in the 24 months before that.
ICC ODI Rankings
1 England546,745125
2 India587,071122
3 New Zealand434,837112
4 Australia505,543111
5 South Africa475,193110
6 Pakistan515,01998
7 Bangladesh463,96386
8 Sri Lanka564,52081
9 West Indies524,06478
10 Afghanistan432,44057
11 Ireland291,46651
12 Zimbabwe351,53844
13 Netherlands622237
14 Scotland1553436
15 Namibia818323
16 Oman817422
17   Nepal815219
18 United States811514
19 United Arab Emirates1514410
20 Papua New Guinea1700
Reference: Cricinfo Rankings page,ICC ODI rankings 13 November 2019
Matches is the number of matches played in the 12-24 months since the May before last, plus half the number in the 24 months before that. See points calculations for more details.
ICC T20I Championship
1 Pakistan318366270
2 Australia266986269
3 England215568265
4 South Africa184720262
5 India369349260
6 New Zealand246056252
7 Sri Lanka276413238
8 Afghanistan204696235
9 Bangladesh235212227
10 West Indies245378224
11 Zimbabwe214082194
12   Nepal214000190
13 Scotland234310187
14 Ireland366630184
15 United Arab Emirates264781184
16 Netherlands315547179
17 Oman183187177
18 Papua New Guinea305277176
19 Namibia253829153
20 Hong Kong192727144
21 Singapore222954134
22 Qatar202589129
23 Canada192404127
24 Saudi Arabia111331121
25 Jersey242773116
26 Italy121326111
27 Kenya182058114
28 Kuwait131354104
29 Denmark141438103
30 Bermuda13120292
31 Germany18152785
32 United States15120881
33 Botswana19149479
34 Ghana1077377
35 Uganda14106976
36 Norway1070987
37 Austria1177871
38 Guernsey16112770
39 Romania641970
40 Malaysia26177268
41 Nigeria16106066
42 Sweden846558
43 Tanzania633456
44 Spain1687355
45 Cayman Islands843054
46 Philippines943348
47 Argentina1777145
48 France626745
49 Vanuatu2086943
50 Belize937742
51 Luxembourg1040741
52 Bahrain726137
53 Peru1345835
54 Fiji621035
55 Panama929132
56 Belgium929032
57 Samoa1031832
58 Japan1031732
59 Costa Rica825232
60 Mexico1752031
61 Hungary618030
62 Mozambique1235229
63 Czech Republic1748028
64 Thailand1436926
65 Malawi1229725
66 Israel717325
67 Portugal921524
68 Finland1329623
69 Bhutan818023
70 South Korea1021722
71 Isle of Man714921
72 Chile1426519
73 Bulgaria56814
74 Sierra Leone56112
75 Brazil1314311
76 Maldives1111410
77 Saint Helena121099
78 Malta131088
79 Myanmar9233
80 Indonesia730
81 Gibraltar1200
82 China1100
83 Gambia600
84 Eswatini600
85 Rwanda600
86 Lesotho600
87 Turkey700
Reference: ICC rankings for Tests, ODIs, Twenty20 & Women ICC page, 10 November 2019
"Matches" is the number of matches played in the 12-24 months since the May before last, plus half the number in the 24 months before that.


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