Neymar to Real Madrid? Offer €120m Plus Luka Modric to PSG


Real Madrid offer 120 million euros plus Luka Modric for Neymar. Barcelona want to buy and Brazilian star Neymar wants to return to the Catalan club themselves. This news has been heard till now, but the Spanish media has said new things. Real Madrid also joined the race to buy Neymar. For this, they agreed to pay 120 million euros to PSG with Luka Modrić.

This season of sabotage with Neymar becomes a big fish! Barcelona’s name has been spoken loudly only once in the race to buy the Brazilian star. Spanish media reported that Real Madrid also wanted to buy Naymer . It would be wrong to just say that the club wants to buy the PSG Forward, also agreed to pay 120 million Euros, or even to give Luka Modrić. That means face to face Barcelona and Read Madrid with the Brazilian star!

Real Madrid offer 120 million euros plus Luka Modric for Neymar

Neymar’s does not say, but he is explaining with his work that he wants to return Barcelona, the Catalan club also wants to buy him. Lionel Messi is the club’s aged, that is why the club wants to bring Neymar back and prepare him for Messi. But only if Neymar and Barcelona want it, it won’t happen! PSG should also ask! Certainly, the owners of PSG are also upset with Neymar’s ‘go-go’ attitude. But why would they release their team’s biggest player for Barcelona? It was previously heard that PSG is ready to sell Neymar to any club other than Barcelona. According to Sport Report, fans may consider, is this another club that is Real Madrid?

The media report that the two clubs were very close to reaching about Neymar. The Madrid president is keen to have Florentino Perez Neymar added to the team, it has been reported earlier. Perez is trying to his best to do so. The only thing Neymar needs to say ‘yes’ to go Real Madrid, then Real can end the presidential campaign.

Real willing to buy Neymar at the last minute. PSG, meanwhile, is reluctant to sell Barcelona to their team’s best player. Therefore the French club has lent to other clubs outside the Barcelona. According to news media, Juventus and Manchester United were not interested. Perez already contacted Neymar and told him about the five-year contract, and the actual president agreed to pay him the same amount as PSG paied. Neymar’s annual salary at PSG is 1.3 million euros. But Neymar has not yet agreed to move to Real.


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