Nusrat Jahan’s wedding ceremony highlights, pictures, dress


Bodrum town of Turkey, Eden Imperial of Palm Avenue has already started to celebrate the events of Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain wedding. Last night on Monday at the hotel’s poolside, the Yourt Party. Today there will be music and Gahyaholud. Yesterday, on Wednesday evening will be the popular star of Bengali film of India and newly elected Lok Sabha member Nusrat, from West Bengal, got married.

Nusrat Jahan’s wedding ceremony highlights, pictures, dress, food

Before that morning there will be a Gahyaholud festival. ‘White Wedding Party’ will be on Thursday night. It has been learned that Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain will be married in two ways. Indian media say they will marry in Indian style. It has been heard that the ‘White Wedding’ party will be on Thursday, before they marry Christian customs. After returning to Calcutta, they will marry according to the law. Then their marriage will be registered.

Arriving in Turkey gave a picture in the Instagram. He took a picture in the hotel’s balcony. The caption of the photo says, ‘Like every time you want your blessings.’

Who was the Guest:

Pam Avenue’s Eden Imperial has reached the invited guests at Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain’s wedding. 30 of them were friends, colleagues and makeup team. Nusrat Jahan’s friend and co-worker reached the Bodrum to join another popular star of India’s Bangla film and join the newly-elected Lok Sabha member Mimi Chakraborty’s wedding ceremony from West Bengal. On Wednesday afternoon, Mimi organized the “Aiboro Vat” of Nusrat Jahan in his town flat.

Nusrat Jahan's wedding ceremony highlights, pictures, dress, food

Two popular heroes of India’s Bengali film Dev and Vijay have been invited. However, they can not attend the wedding ceremony in Bodrum city.

Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain will posthumously organize ITC Royal Bengal in Kolkata at 6:30 pm on July 4. The pictures of these invitations were publicly exposed. This is an artist from Mumbai who has designed this invitation. Round shaped stove wooden frame Invitation message written in the middle of the couple’s name Photograph of Nikhil and Nusrat between flowers of different colors.

Nusrat With the friend Tanushree Chakravarti

On Thursday evening, a party was organized in the house of Palm Avenue in Nusrat Jahan. Those who were invited to the ceremony, all thought that perhaps this occasion would be a celebration of bride’s face. But Nusrat Jahan’s father Mohammad Shahjahan said, “The day was before the wedding of Nusrat and Nikhil. Since relatives and friends are not able to take everyone into the Bedrum, everyone came here to bless the couple before marriage. “Nusrat Jahan gave a picture of his Gayeholod on Saturday. Another photo with his father, another picture with filmmaker Tanushree Chakraborty.

What will be in food?

Nusrat Jahan’s wedding make-up has been given to the rich for style and hairstyles. Nusrat Jahan’s friend stylist Sandy will take care of everything. Nusrat Jahan is ready to wear Leone in marriage. Everything has been designed by Nikhil Jain’s clothes. There will be some old family ornaments at Nusrat Jahan at the wedding ceremony. Bohemian theme will be arranged at the Mehndi Festival. For music, he has chosen an Indo-Western costume and will wear a bright yellow color in the Gahihulod. Nusrat chose Mint Green and Saddam Mitchell’s dress for White Wedding. The food menu will contain Indian, continental and Turkish regional food.

Heard, after marriage, Honeymoon will go to some place in newlywed Europe. Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain couple will return to Calcutta before June 25. Because he will join the first session of the Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament on 25th June in Delhi.

What does Nusrat Jahan husband?

It is known that Nusrat was married to young successful businessman of Calcutta Nikhil Jain. Nikhil Jain is the son of Calcutta. Businessman, but there is no connection with the film. After studying at the Birla Foundation, the MP studied the management in Warwick University in the UK. Nikhil Jain’s business brand Nusrat Jahan was seen in front of Pooja last year. Their identity is the source of this work. In a short time the relationship is deep. Then both of them decided to get married.


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