Teletalk 3G Data Package, Price, Activation Code, Internet MB Check

Bangladeshi Govt only mobile operator Teletalk 3G Data package and their regular internet packages price, activation code. Also, get the Teletalk internet MB check code. Although all over the Bangladesh other mobile operator has 4G Teletalk still using 3G network most of the area. Get Teletalk internet 3G data price and how to act.

Teletalk 3G Data Package, Price, Activation Code. Teletalk Internet MB Balance Check

Regular Data Package with limitless speed


  • 1 GB @ Tk.23 (Validity 7 Days)
  • 1 GB @ Tk.46 (Validity 30 Days)
  • 2 GB @ Tk.85 (Validity 30 days)

►The Price is including all taxes.
►You can avail your desired data pack through any of the following methods:

Recharge exactly the given amount.
Dial the USSD activation code
Write the short code in SMS option and send to 111

Exclusive Data Packs for Prepaid SIM-only

Volume & Price Validity USSD  ActivationShort CodeRecharge to Activate
1GB @Tk.237 Days*111*611#B1Tk.23
1GB @Tk.4630 Days*111*46#DPSS1Tk.46
2GB @Tk.8530 Days*111*85#E85Tk.85
3GB @Tk.6310 Days*111*63#E63Tk.63
5GB @Tk.9710 Days*111*97#E97Tk.97
10GB @Tk.19815 Days*111*198#E198Tk.198

Regular Data Packs Prepaid and Post Paid

Volume & Price ValidityUSSD ActivationShort Code Recharge
60 MB @ Tk.93 Days*111*501#D51F51Tk.9
3 GB @ Tk.333 Days*111*33#P33Tk.33
5 GB @ Tk.11910 Days*111*119#P119Tk.119
10 GB @ Tk. 18710 Days*111*187#P187Tk.187
250 MB @ Tk.247 Days*111*503#D82F82Tk.24
500 MB @ Tk.3910 Days*111*513#D52F52Tk.39
2.5 GB @ Tk.7810 Days*111*511#D58F58Tk.78
1.5 GB @ Tk.11215 Days*111*521#D19F19Tk.112
2 GB @ Tk.16715 Days*111*522#D85F85Tk.167
3 GB @ Tk.20130 Days*111*531#D31F21Tk.201
5 GB @ Tk.30130 Days*111*532#D20F20Tk.301
8 GB @ Tk.39130 Days*111*533#D25F4Tk.391
10 GB @ Tk.44530 Days*111*550#D21F22Tk.445
15 GB @ Tk.64930 Days*111*551#D22F9Tk.649
20 GB @ Tk.84930 Days*111*552#D26F28Tk.849
30 GB @ Tk.116930 Days*111*553#D32F31Tk.1169
45 GB @ Tk.166930 Days*111*554#D33F11Tk.1669
65 GB @ Tk.222530 Days*111*555#D62F26Tk.2225

Unused data will be carried forward if the same data package is availed before expiration of existing data pack

To subscribe to any data plan, type “subscription code” in the message option and send it to 111. For example, to subscribe weekly 2.5GB 3G Data plan, Type D58 & send to 111.

The recharge amount stated in the recharge trigger column will automatically activate the corresponding data pack.

After the expiration of the availed data package, the pay-per-use policy will be applied. The pay-per-use data rate is 1 Paisa/15 KB ( for Oporajita package, 1 Paisa/30 KB).

To check the usage of volume bundled package write ‘u’ and send SMS to 111 (free of charge) and to know the balance dial *152#

27 June 2019