United States to send 1000 troops to Middle East amid Iran tense

Move comes as Pentagon releases new photos in reported tanker attacks and Tehran sets 10-day deadline on nuclear deal


The United States is sending more than 1,000 troops in the Middle East between tense stress with Iran. On Monday night, the caretaker Defense Minister Patrick Shanhana announced the deployment of new troops. He said that US forces are deployed in response to Iran’s “hostile behavior”.

Iran and the United States are directly responsible for the detonation of two oil tanker oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The United States also released photographs on behalf of this claim.

Yesterday, Iran announced that they would not wish to continue with the nuclear program as per the 2015 agreement. According to the deal with international superpowers, they will violate their own uranium reserves by June 27.

Under the historic agreement with six super powers in 2015, Iran has reduced the nuclear development program. The country also agreed to keep the uranium boundary. Uranium is used to make nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. These countries lifted the ban on Iran in exchange for these measures. But last year Donald Trump withdrew the US name with the agreement and imposed a new ban on Iran. The US has put pressure on its colleagues to ban Iran from buying oil. Iran is facing economic pressure. Because Iran’s economy is dependent on oil. Because of this, the country has threatened to dissolve the contract to increase uranium reserves.

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Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency spokesman Behruz Kamlovandi said that they are going to violate the uranium reserves by breaking the agreement within 10 days.

But Iran also said that European countries still have time to protect Iran from US sanctions. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany warned Iran not to break the contract.

Patrick Shannah said in a statement that the deployment of the army was announced that the United States does not want to face the conflict with Iran. However, this action was taken to protect the interests of the forces deployed in this area to protect American interests. He also said that the military will take full care of the situation completely. However, he did not give any information about where additional troops would be deployed.

In response to US President Donald Trump’s announcement last month, this announcement was made to deploy additional troops yesterday. They announced that 1.5 thousand additional troops would be deployed.

Foreign Minister Mike Pampo said on Sunday that the US does not want war with Iran. Nevertheless, the entire range is being considered. Today, he is going to meet with the US military commander in the Middle East on Tuesday in Florida.

Shortly before the announcement of the deployment of the army, the US Army Pentagon published a few photos. It has been shown that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) members of Iran’s military forces are unmasking unexplained bombs from Japan-owned oil tankers. Before this, the Pentagon issued a video on this issue.

A tanker named Norwegian-owned truck Alterna in Norway exploded on Thursday. The United States blamed Iran for the four attacks outside the Hormuz system, including these attacks in May. But Iran has called these allegations as “unfounded”.


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